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Posted Date: 3/27/2019
Job Category:
Position Title: Quality Control Manager (Metal Fabrication)
Salary Range:
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton, Oregon, USA
Desired Skills:
Description: The primary responsibility of Quality Control is assuring consistent quality of production by developing and enforcing good manufacturing and documentation practices to systems such as ASME Sect VIII Div.1,

This position requires a hands-on approach and a focus on interdepartmental cooperation and communication


• Bachelor’s degree Quality Assurance Management or equivalent preferred
• Prefer 5 plus years of Quality Control of metal fabrication, manufacturing, welding experience.
• Additional Certifications is an advantage including Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Quality Improvement Associate, CWI will be valuable
• Quality inspection, auditing and testing experience preferred.
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Strong initiative and ability to work either independently and collaboratively
• Energetic, Positive attitude, Proactive, Team Player
• Organized with the ability to multi-task

"Typical" Duties and responsibilities

Verify daily QC activities on floor
Manage employee(s)
Engineering/PM/Purchasing support for ASME, NB, PED, CRN, UL
QC inspections
CI inspections
Review prints QC part
Verify Jacketed Vessel Worksheet
Responsible for National Board Electronic Data Transfer (EDT)
Prepare Data Report U-1/U-3A, R-1/R-2 Forms
Integrate drawing changes into U-1/U-3A Form
Finalize Data Report U-1/U-3A, R-1/R-2 Forms
Verify Traveler templates
Verify Traveler completion, finalize, archive Travelers
Verifying material receiving process (5 letter code)
Manage material traceability (Receiving to 5 letter code archive)
AI (design approval [initial and dwg change], hydrostatic testing, nameplate attachment, U-1 Form approval [EDT])
Maintain QC logs (U, UM, NCR, job archive, welder qualification, Repairs/Alterations, UL, data plates, calibration)
Manage data plate stamping
Verify calibration strips
Manage billing (HSB, ASME, NB, UL)
OPS meeting
Production meeting
Weekly reporting
Manage CIs (initial certification, renewals)
Verify ASME vessel calculations
Archive Data Report U-1/U-3A, R-1/R-2 Forms
Handle Partial Data Report U-2A Form
Handle corrected copies of U-1/U-3A
Manage certifications (ASME, NB, PED, CRN, UL)
Issuing ICCNW F.A.T. testing certification (tank washing, passivation, Ra Map, hydrostatic testing, CIP testing, etc.)
Receive complicated materials (PED, manways, domes, customer supplied parts)
Manage NB (ASME) Repairs/Alterations
Gatekeeper UL
Manage calibration of testing equipment (gauges, Ra meter, thickness gauges)
Qualify, certify, maintain, prolong, renew, recertify, archive welder certifications (ASME, PED, Oregon Class 6)
Manage welder certification bonus
Support nameplate etching
Manage NCRs
Sourcing ASME calculations for parts (manways)
Quarterly reporting
Qualify, certify welding procedures

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