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Posted Date: 5/30/2019
Job Category: Computing/MIS
Position Title: Security Engineer 2
Salary Range:
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Desired Skills:
Description: The Application Security (AppSec) team is primarily responsible for providing authentication and authorization of role-based access control services to Enterprise applications. In addition, our team handles provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts and synchronization of identity information. We have more than 300 calling applications and the list continues to grow. Our business-critical solution contains 9 products that support a core component of many major applications that service our rental customers and partners. With our focus on integration, automation, and streamlining our systems and processes, the systems you work with touch not only our internal workforce around the globe but our external partners as well. We have a short term opportunity to join in these efforts as a contractor focusing on vulnerability remediation.


* Familiarity or experience using Secure Code tools such as Rapid7, Nexpose, Qualys, WhiteHat, Black Duck, NIST, OWASP
* Knowledge and working experience with Agile methodologies
* Knowledge and experience using UNIX such as command line operation
* Experience using BitBucket
* Experience developing Java applications
* Experience developing Web Services
* Experience using open source Java frameworks such as Spring, Apache Commons etc.
* Experience using Maven build system
* Experience using, Git source control system and Git Bash
* Working knowledge and experience re-mediating software vulnerabilities including SQL Injection, XSS, buffer overflows and others

* Must have good oral and written communication skills to effectively communicate with various IT teams
* Must have good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
* Must be able to work independently with limited supervision
* Must have experience in full lifecycle development and end-to-end testing
* Must have the ability to effectively collaborate and work with others in a remote work environment * Must demonstrate the ability to be flexible with changing priorities and requirements

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