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Posted Date: 7/10/2012
Job Category: SQL Server/MySQL
Position Title: Developer/DBA
Salary Range: $65,000.00 - $75,000.00
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Desired Skills:
Description: 3 Month Contract to Hire

As Database Administrator (DBA), you are delegated the administrative authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned duties. Responsible for designing, maintaining performance tune production and writing SQL code (stored procedure, triggers, database scripts) to implement business logic and database maintenance. In addition, you will be responsible for various database administration tasks in our development and test environment and for data modeling using CASE tools. You will receive guidance with respect to general objectives; in the majority of tasks and projects assigned, you will be expected to determine methods, work sequence, scheduling and how to achieve objectives of assignments. You will operate within specific policy guidelines. This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by supervisors or managers to perform other duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description. The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time, for any reason.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Assess and develop long-term strategic goals for production of databases, in conjunction with data owners and department managers.
2. Work with application development staff to develop database architectures, coding standards, and quality assurance policies and procedures.
3. Create models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones.
4. Install and configure relevant network components to ensure database access, as well as database consistency and integrity.
5. Respond to and resolve database access and performance issues.
6. Monitor database system details within the database, including stored procedures and execution time, and implement efficiency improvements.
7. Design and implement redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective protection and integrity of data assets.
8. Monitor, optimize and allocate physical data storage for database systems.
9. Plan and coordinate data migrations between systems.
10. Develop, implement and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to databases.
11. Create, or support creation of, required reports in response to business user needs.
12. Conduct research and make recommendations on database products, services, protocols, and standards in support to procurement and development efforts.
13. Perform database transactions and security audits.
14. Establish appropriate end-user database access control levels.
15. Develop routines for end-users to facilitate best practices database use.
16. Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and company goals.
17. Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge/skills.
18. Perform other duties as assigned.

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